First day in Brisbane

I got woken up at 5am by birds and some other animals that I haven't heard before (loud as hell) and couldn't fall asleep. I met my hosts few hours later. Morgana is a PhD student and Glen is an IT guy and they're really nice. They showed me around and I headed off to … Continue reading First day in Brisbane



Flight to Dubai went pretty smooth. I was the only person in the row so I could watch nice views from the window and easily go for a walk to stretch my legs, which btw you should do quite often on long houl flights. Connection in Dubai Dubai's airport is HUUGE. I landed at sector … Continue reading Travel

Student times

I finished my bachelor studies at Warsaw University of Technology with major in Electronics and Information Technology in Medicine. As much as I loved the whole experience I have mixed feelings about these studies now. On the one hand I learned so much. I had designed electronics, coded in programming languages such as Assembler, C, … Continue reading Student times