Renting room in Australia

After I had lived in AirBnb for the initial 2 weeks I needed to rent something long term. I’ll point out some differences between Poland and Australia that struck me during the process of finding room and completing formalities that goes along with it.

Finding rooms

There’s quite a few web pages out there that can help you find a room in shared house. Basically it works like AirBnb but for long term rents.

The most popular site is

There’s so much rooms to rent there. It’s really easy to find something. It took me like 3 days to secure a nice room.


It’s a pretty big deal here. Although social trust is rather on the high side here, without a recommendation you could have a hard time to rent a room. It was necessary to attach contact details to my referrers including phone numbers in the application form. I was lucky since I’d been living with my hosts for like 1.5 weeks and when real estate called them to ask about me they could actually recommend me. Letter of recommendation wasn’t necessary though.

New flat

I didn’t have much stuff yet so moving was just a matter of ordering an Uber. I’m sharing the flat with Australian and Argentinian girl and guys from India and Cambodia. Kitchen area as well as toilets are shared. Each room is private and features something extra like a private bathroom, aircon, or a balcony. Mine happens to have a backyard.


House is located in Kelvin Grove suburb. There’s a few universities nearby so you see lot of students around but it’s still a rather quiet place.

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