Hardships of immigration

Ammount of work and recent issues are slowly getting to me now…

Polish tax Office

“Polish Tax Office”

Those guys are driving me crazy. Before I came here I tried so much to take care of the self employment bureocracy madness so they don’t bother me in Australia but obviously I failed miserably. I changed my company address to my hometown since they won’t send paperworks to Australia. You can do that via the government website but guess what you have to also do some other paperwork. I didn’t know about that and one month ago they sent me letter that I have to resolve that in person in seven days. Even two government workers came over to my home and bothered my grandma about this stuff. Luckily I managed to suss it out over the internet and it’s been fine. Not for long though..

Since I changed address I was supposed to send my tax to different tax office which I didn’t know about. I transfer my tax using recurring transfer and it was sent to Warsaw’s Tax Office automaticaly. Now my hometown’s Tax Office thinks that I haven’t paid my taxes and send me some legal stuff paperwork like crazy.

I’m trying to resolve that issue with help of my accountant since I can’t do that in person but it takes time and guess what, they’ve blocked funds on my bank account 😩 Yesterday my parents received a letter which says that they want to escalete that even further. Welcome to Poland…

ElEctric skateboard

My electric skateboard has broken down. It was very hot and I was shredding hard that day and probably got the battery overheated and the thing just stopped working. I sent it back but there was quite a delay with my parcel because of some bushfires that were happening where my service is 🙄. Until I get a new one I guess I have to stick with buses.

Here are some photos of my last trip.

It’s been over one week already and I miss riding on it so much ☹️

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