I made it! Getting a job in Australia

I haven’t posted in a while and reason for this is really simple – my life was too hectic! Last five months were extremely tough for me. When I was deciding to move to Australia I knew it was going to be a wild ride, but wasn’t expecting that wild.


To afford my stay here I had to study during the day and work at night. It was possible thanks to time zone difference. Brisbane is 8h ahead of Warsaw which made this crazy schedule possible. Finishing work at 2-3am and starting studies at 8am was excruciating. To avoid sleep deprivation I ended up being late for every class. I’m good with programming so missing few hours of lectures here and there wasn’t a big issue for me but unfortunately my University thinks differently and one day I received an attendence warning letter that states if I don’t fix that I’m basically out of Australia…

Money issues

Australia is expensive. My polish salary is awesome in Poland but unfortunately polish money doesn’t go a long way in Australia. Not having much savings while arriving here was a bad idea but I guess no risk no fun. If I wasn’t a bit reckless and crazy I wouldn’t have emigrated on the first place right 😉? by the end of June I had spent $16k just on my Uni which left me with only 200$ in my pocket… I knew that I won’t save enough money to pay my next tuition so I asked my current boss for a raise but unfortunately I didn’t get it. Although at that point my English was better getting a job without having any local experience is really hard.

Getting a Job

The first step was polishing my LinkedIn and Resume. They had to be spotless. I was fighting an uphill battle because companies don’t want to sponsor visa to anyone unless they’re perfect culture and skill fit. Locals have always the highest priority when it comes to employment so you end up considered last. That by itself puts quite a lot of pressure for someone that doesn’t have any experience getting a job abroad.

I was getting quite a lot phone calls from recruiters so I knew they like my experience already. Unfortunately my phone speaking skills hadn’t dazzled anyone since I wasn’t getting any invitations. By the time I had had like 8 unsuccessful phone screens and I was feeling quite resigned but then one day a really nice recruiter calls me and I l’m having a really nice chat. The conversation has a proper flow and I even cracked a joke. The phone call is coming to en end and what do you know I was invited for a interview! It was just an interview with a recruiter but I was still feeling over the moon!

The interview went ok but I was quite stressed and struggled a bit. In result I wasn’t invited for an interview with the client but I was already good with phone screens so next phone screen resulted in another interview. This time I was invited to see a client straight away! I was less stressed and more confident so I crashed it without much effort. They had sent me a programming test and I scored 90% after which I got invited for a 3rd interview which went well but unfortunately I didn’t get the job. I was disappointed but at that point I knew that getting a job is just a matter of time now. After few days a really nice recruiter called me and offered a position.

My first interview took place in this skyscraper

The company was really picky and by that time they had been looking for a right candidate for a 9 months. I didn’t think I would get this job because of that but they really liked me! After a lengthy one month recruiting process they hired me! Even though I still have 20h a week work restriction I earn significantly more than working full time for the polish company! After 3 months test period I’ll be sponsored and start full time work.

The view

The visa transition period will be stressful but I already feel like I have secured my place here.

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