I made it! Getting a job in Australia

I haven't posted in a while and reason for this is really simple - my life was too hectic! Last five months were extremely tough for me. When I was deciding to move to Australia I knew it was going to be a wild ride, but wasn't expecting that wild. Workload To afford my stay … Continue reading I made it! Getting a job in Australia

Hardships of immigration

Ammount of work and recent issues are slowly getting to me now... Polish tax Office "Polish Tax Office" Those guys are driving me crazy. Before I came here I tried so much to take care of the self employment bureocracy madness so they don't bother me in Australia but obviously I failed miserably. I changed … Continue reading Hardships of immigration

Student times

I finished my bachelor studies at Warsaw University of Technology with major in Electronics and Information Technology in Medicine. As much as I loved the whole experience I have mixed feelings about these studies now. On the one hand I learned so much. I had designed electronics, coded in programming languages such as Assembler, C, … Continue reading Student times