Bicycle rules in Australia

I’ve got my new bike!

The seller was some Arab guy from GumTree who was so kind to drop the bike off to place where I live. In Australia there’s some strict rules what you can do and what you can’t do while riding a bike. For example riding without a helmet is illegal, you have to wear it all the time, even you’re going to a shop across the street. Not doing so will eventually get you a 130$ ticket. Cycling no-handed will also get you a 130$ ticket. The whole list of fines is here:

I’m going to Logan Hyperdome for my first trip. It’s 20 min ride from my AirBnb and it’s quite an exercise to get there since terrain gets quite hilly here. Hyperdome is the largest shopping centre in Logan city. I only need to buy a bicycle helmet though. 

Crosswalks in the suburbs. Luckily you don’t really need to get off a bike to cross a street.
Footpath in my area.
Crosswalks in more populated areas. You need to push a button to get a green light which lasts for like 3 seconds tops. It usually turns red when you’re in the middle of street.


It wasn’t that fascinating. Just a larger shopping centre. I bought my helmet and headed back to my AirBnb.

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