First day in Brisbane

I got woken up at 5am by birds and some other animals that I haven’t heard before (loud as hell) and couldn’t fall asleep. I met my hosts few hours later. Morgana is a PhD student and Glen is an IT guy and they’re really nice. They showed me around and I headed off to buy some food for my breakfast. In my way to shopping centre I wandered a bit in the area and I must say that the neighbourhood is quite nice.

It’s 20 min walk from my AirBnb to the Woolworths. I don’t know if it’s just this area but people don’t seem to walk on the sidewalks. I haven’t seen anyone for the whole trip, a lot of cars though. What I really noticed was that the air quality is really good here, also you get a nice smell of eucalyptus here and there. That’s a big upgrade for me since air in Poland smells like burned coal with a little dash of burned rubber, PET bottles and other trash.

Veggies are pretty expensive here. For 1kg frozen vegies you have to pay ~5$. Actually pretty much everything what’s healthy is quite expensive here compared to Poland. Fast foods prices are comparable to Polish ones.

Almost all fruits are grown locally and they’re totally awesome. You can get many exotic ones and since they don’t need to travel the whole globe to get to the store they ripe on trees which makes them really flavorful. Mango I bought was the best one I ever had so far in my life.

Hiking here is really nice but I really have to buy a bike to get to places quicker. I’ve already spotted a few nice ones at GumTree and probably I’m going to buy one tomorrow.

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