Flight to Dubai went pretty smooth. I was the only person in the row so I could watch nice views from the window and easily go for a walk to stretch my legs, which btw you should do quite often on long houl flights.

Connection in Dubai

Dubai’s airport is HUUGE. I landed at sector A and needed to get to sector B since this is where my flight to Brisbane departs from. One could think that you can go there easily by foot – wrong! You have to take airport’s train to get there in reasonable amount of time. Anyways, it took me about half an hour to figure it out and to get there.

Flight to Brisbane

I wasn’t as lucky as last time and the plane was fully loaded. My neighbours was a nice Italian couple, they didn’t speak any English though so there wasn’t much interaction going on. I managed to get like 7 hours sleep, so that was helpful. The next 7 hours I spent watching some airplane’s Netflix. Plane landed at 10pm and I went straight away to customs. I was a bit stressed because I knew that the whole “engineer comes to Australia alone for 3 months just to travel” looks a little bit sketchy. And what do you know, there was some questioning. The immigration officer probably knew what I’m going after since I’m not very good at keeping my face straight, but he let me go anyways. Either I was lucky or he couldn’t stop me without any proof that I want to stay in Australia.

Place where I’m renting my airbnb is pretty far from the airport so I took an uber to get there. My uber driver was a cool guy. He was a refugee from Sudan living in Australia since he was kid. I learned some interesting facts about Australia from him. For example there’s strict no speeding policy. Going like 13km/h over the limit may cost you $261 fine and 3 Demerit points.

My hosts were already asleep when I got there but they left let the door open for me so I could go to my room. I’m going to meet them tomorrow, meanwhile I’m going to sleep since it’s already 3 am.

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