Ready to go

I spent the whole Christmas holidays at my hometown visiting my parents. Although the plan was to chill all that time I did a bit of my remote work to catch up with things. I’m still getting the hang of frontend. I work usually with backends and javascript world is still quite confusing for me.

Onward ticket

Apparently you have to have proof of onward travel to get to Australia while traveling on a tourist visa. Otherwise you may get kicked off your flight. I was lucky to read about this yesterday and bought a ticket to New Zealand just before my 3 months stay ends. Technically I am good now, but you never know…

My flight is tommorow at 1pm so I’ve decided to go back to Warsaw today just to be sure I have everything packed and don’t miss the plane.

Now I’m sitting in an empty room that I’ve been renting for 3 years, waiting for the longest flight ever that may change my life. Quite a strange way to spend a New year’s Eve to be honest 😀


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