Daily life

I officially have a student visa that’s valid for 1.5 year from now. It was quite a struggle to get to that point but I made it. Now my life is quite busy as I’m working and studying both full time. Although my studies are full time they’re partially online so I spend at campus only 12h a week so it isn’t that bad time wise.

My campus happens to be located at South Bank which isn’t ideal since I live in Kelvin Grove. I considered buying a car but it’s quite a challenge to park in Southbank and overall cost of owning a car would probably ruin my budget.

TAFE Southbank

I decided to go fully electric and buy an electric skateboard. It usually takes me 25 min (still optimizing the route though) to get to the campus. It’s really convenient, cheap and fun to ride on. I can commute on it all year long here in Brisbane since it’s always warm and rarely rains.

The course itself is quite easy for me since I’ve been working as a software engineer 4 years now and the assignments are hello world level. After the first semester I’m starting the diploma part which should be more interesting, but still I don’t expect rocket science. A big thing is that I have more interactions with people and therefore can practice communication with locals.

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