English exam, student visa

It’s been a while since my last post. I couldn’t really find time to write anything since it was so hectic.

Just after I’d moved to the new room I sign up for a PTE which is computer based English exam. There’s a few exam types out there but for someone who have forgotten how to hand write like me ( 😀 ) the only option is PTE. Although I had one week to prepare it was so crazy at work that I barely could find any time to do study. From then on it was just pure luck…

Although I did very well on writing and listening (almost maxed out) I just barely passed speaking. I got 51/90 points were at least 50/90 is required for a student visa (super lucky). Right after I received results I started to look for courses just to found out that almost all of them had already started ._.

There was an only one course that was accepting late enrolments and happened to be web development (super lucky :D). The course had already started and if I’d applied one day later I wouldn’t have gotten student visa for at least half a year or even whole year (again super lucky :D) and I’d need to come back to Poland.

Preparing all the documents was a rush but I pulled it off. Now when I have COE (confirmation of enrolment) I can apply for a student visa. I have almost 2 months to get it and it should be an easy ride now. If everything goes well I’ll be here for the next 1.5 years. I hope that will be enough to improve my English to the point that I can apply for my PR.

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