Student times

I finished my bachelor studies at Warsaw University of Technology with major in Electronics and Information Technology in Medicine. As much as I loved the whole experience I have mixed feelings about these studies now. On the one hand I learned so much. I had designed electronics, coded in programming languages such as Assembler, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, Haskell, VHDL not to mention learning all the math, quantum physics and so on. On the other hand I use maybe 5% of this knowledge these days.

But anyways, this is a project I liked the most:

MRI console

Department where I was majoring had this old and crappy MRI scanner. It was pretty much useless since the console and all the signal processing hardware were non functional. The only things that were working were the electromagnet, gradient coils and RF coil. To revive the machine a friend of mine set up an oscilloscope and arbitrary waveform generator to do the work for the missing hardware. I had an opportunity to play with it and wrote a software in C++ that controlled the hardware to produce usable signal which was then processed further to produce scans.

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