Spider situation in Brisbane

Everyone knows that there’s lots of spiders in Australia. And yeah that’s true but are they really that bad?

I’m quite arachnophobic to be honest. It doesn’t mean that I run and scream when I see a spider but they still give me creeps. Luckily there are no spider species that would likely kill an adult person in Brisbane. Most dangerous spider specie is the redback spider.

Redback spider, female.

They are most common in urban areas living under roof eaves, floorboards, shelves, flower pots or in garden sheds. My host Glen said that he’s seen one in his backyard few times.

What you usually see indoors is the Huntsman spider. During my 1 week stay I’ve already seen some, including a quite big one.

Huntsman spider

I tried to catch it in a plastic container but he was so quick and I accidentally crashed it with the edge leaving large spot on my wall.

Although they do bite and are venomous, venom itself isn’t that toxic. So you may end up with some pain and swelling if you get bitten.

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